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There are a countless number of books, videos and workshops that explain the “what” of Objectives and Key Results (or OKRs). These common tools explain what OKRs are, why they are important and why they are beneficial for an organization.However, they are often missing the most critical piece of information that an organization needs to succeed: how to successfully implement OKRs within your organization. How an OKR program is implemented within an organization is where the secret sauce lies. Simply put – it is the key to a successful OKR implementation.

When you work with Atruity, we show you how to successfully implement OKRs by providing your organization with the right tools, methods and management structure to ensure success. Our proven OKR implementation methodologies are designed to meet the needs of our clients, regardless of size. Our OKR programs are simple, comprehensive and developed using our experience, expertise and insight. They have proven successful in accelerating and transforming many organizations, helping them to achieve their desired results.

We offer three programs to our clients - our Comprehensive Management Program (C.M.P.), our Rapid Accelerated Mentor Program (R.A.M.P.) and our new Self-Service Management Program (S.S.M.P.). Each program is unique and provides solutions to the needs of each specific client looking to implement OKRs successfully.

At Atruity, we will do our best to offer you a solution that fits the needs of your organization. If you are unsure which program would be the right fit, email and schedule a free OKR Consulting Discovery call so we can learn more about your organization and discover the best fit for your organization based on size, timeline, OKR Champion needs and price.


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