Inside the Labyrinth

Insights on strategy, leadership, and management inspired by our work at Koan

What’s Next for Koan in 2022

Based on the user-level feedback and direct inputs gathered from our customers, we have moved into refining the product, with a primary focus on strengthening the platform across 3 key areas — OKR Education, Daily Integration, and Reporting, with upcoming enhancements.

Koan + Gtmhub Update: What this means for customers 

We’re fully committed to working closely with the Gtmhub team to smoothly transition the product into their care.

Koan Update: “we’re not dead yet”

I’m thrilled to share that the Koan platform has been acquired by OKR market leader Gtmhub. 

Farewell, Koan

Five years ago, we founded Koan with the intention to solve a collaboration problem and help teams achieve their goals. Unfortunately, we are sad to report that Koan will be shutting down.

A Guide to Choosing an OKR Tool

The perfect OKR tool will build and reinforce great practices while fitting in seamlessly with the way your team already works.

Creating two-way, async conversations with inline commenting

Between product analytics and customer feedback, we knew we had some huge opportunities and ways we could improve the reflection experience. As one of the most requested features within Koan, inline commenting now allows users to have more impactful conversations by commenting directly beneath line items throughout the reflection. 

Koan announces reimagined Reflections to increase collaboration, communication, and engagement across teams

We’re excited to launch phase one of the reimagined reflections with the improved reading experience. Koan customers can now increase reflection engagement with the ability to inline comment, expanded reaction capabilities, and an overall improved user experience.

Leading by Example with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Goals

Setting organizational goals around DEI efforts actualize the value and committed outcomes of initiatives, rather than simply having executives update policies on paper.