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Insights on strategy, leadership, and management inspired by our work at Koan

Koan reflections: the weekly status report for purposeful work

Weekly status reports are a great way to improve team communication, but only if they're clear, concise, and focused on what really matters. Koan reflections enable everyone to check in on the progress of critical goals regularly, establishing the essential behavior that is at the core of using goals to set the cadence of your team.

Make OKRs easier by integrating Koan where you already work

Koan offers a variety of integrations that allow users to connect their daily work with strategic goals, keeping teams on track with the work that’s moving the business forward.

Alignment is messy: Let your teams lead the way to more purposeful work

Alignment: the process that ensures an organization's structure and resource usage support its strategy. A concept easy to understand but woefully difficult to execute. The opportunity is huge — inclusive, autonomous teams working towards the same north star waste less time, achieve more, and feel more purposeful in their work.

Koan Survey 2021: Positive communication and goal achievement lead to stronger employee engagement globally

In this survey of 600 full-time knowledge workers, respondents from the US, UK, Australia and Canada shared how they felt about last year’s workplace and team relationships. 

Asynchronous Advantages: Optimizing Goals for Remote-First Companies

As organizations embrace the remote-first future, they face several challenges. First, they must learn to communicate effectively with team members across different time zones and cultures. Once they master communication, their productivity soars -- but how can they measure productivity effectively?

Bootstrapping in America features Koan CEO Matt Tucker

Koan CEO, Matt Tucker, recently sat down with TastyTrade’s Bootstrapping in America, which features the most interesting stories from entrepreneurs willing to take an idea and turn it into a business. The conversation included commentary on how Koan was founded, the benefits of OKRs, and how combining goals with reflection can make the biggest impact for organizations.

How OKRs and Agile methodologies work together

‍Our CEO, Matt Tucker, sits down with Janna Bastow, founder of ProdPad and Agile methodology expert, where she shares how OKRs and Agile can be paired for the ultimate strategic impact. 

How to Craft a World-Class Mission Statement

At Koan, we're big believers in centering your work in your mission. Our own is to "help every team achieve their purpose". We're pretty passionate about that idea of purposeful work because we think there's a profound opportunity to create more fulfilling and productive work environments for everyone. But it all starts with your mission.