Inside the Labyrinth

Insights on strategy, leadership, and management inspired by our work at Koan

How to Run Team Meetings with Koan

Koan allows users to see how their work fits into the company’s overall goals and provides everyone in the organization, from managers to individual contributors, the ability to stay aligned and up-to-date with what’s going on at every level. Learn how teams can communicate better together using Reflections and how to have goal-driven meetings

OKRs: Software vs Spreadsheets

Many organizations use Google Docs or Google Sheets to track goals, which can be a great, free tool for getting started. But when it comes to getting people engaged in your goals, that’s where OKRs can get lost in the shuffle. We’ve compiled a list of the top benefits to using dedicated OKR software instead of a spreadsheet.

The Ultimate Guide to OKR Implementation

Brought to you by Koan and There Be Giants, The Ultimate Guide to OKR Implementation is a great tool to use as you’re preparing to roll out OKRs to your organization for the first time.

June Product Updates: Project Empathy

We’ve been working hard on product feature improvements to help you become more productive and efficient within Koan. Take a look at some of the recent changes and navigation updates.

The Top 10 Basic OKR Pitfalls

OKRs are a cultural change and require commitment, patience, and time to develop new habits. With our new partner, OKR Advisors, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common stumbling blocks that we see among our customers, as well as ways to minimize or avoid them when you work to implement OKRs in your organization. 

OKRs vs. KPIs: What’s the Difference?

There’s nothing wrong with setting goals around your KPIs, but OKRs need a different way of thinking. Instead of focusing on an individual metric and trying to improve it, the focus shifts to broader outcomes, solving problems, and truly pushing the company forward. KPIs are a measurable result, but they’re only a piece of a puzzle.

OKR FAQs: Common Questions About Objectives and Key Results

Adopting OKRs successfully requires answers for how to write, implement, and scale them. We've collected the questions we've heard the most during hundreds of OKR rollouts, and compiled answers to help you during your OKR journey.

Remote Work Best Practices for Any Working Environment

As businesses contemplate their return to the shared office, many of the positive habits built up from remote work are well worth keeping around. Here are the top remote team practices that are worth maintaining for those teams returning to work in person.