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6 Steps to Fix Your Goal Management Process

Many organizations struggle with the goal management process, and some are looking to OKRs to help solve this challenge. But rolling out OKRs isn’t as easy as it seems. So, consider this a starting point, and because we know you like steps to check-off your list of things to do, we have six of them for you.

December Product Update: New Integrations, Visualizations, and more

We come with good tidings and cheer, including a big batch of new product features and improvements.

Turn Strategy into Action

So, you have to align objectives, plan, involve your direct reports, focus on enablement and engage in ongoing team reviews. How do you make that last?

Best Practices for Closing Out Quarterly Goals

Creating a positive and proactive team culture around your OKRs helps not only with the likelihood of success, but also makes the process of closing out and having a retrospective for your OKRs easier.

What You Need to Know About The Emerging Role of Chief of Staff

We know, Chief of Staff, you’re thinking about gray suits who serve at the pleasure of Presidents and members of Congress. But we aren’t talking about your parents' Chief of Staff.

Align, Don’t Cascade Your Goals

In order for teams to align their own OKRs, they need a strategic north star to align to. But when companies cascade all of their OKRs, the system starts to fail.

The Alignment Challenge

In many ways alignment represents a natural next challenge for the enterprise. But if you’re looking to align your company, where do you start?

5 Fail Proof Ways to Implement OKRs

Using the right approach to implementing OKRs involves ensuring that the process is seen as valuable—from executives all the way down to individual contributors.