Inside the Labyrinth

Insights on strategy, leadership, and management inspired by our work at Koan

Best Practices for Closing Out Quarterly Goals

Creating a positive and proactive team culture around your OKRs helps not only with the likelihood of success, but also makes the process of closing out and having a retrospective for your OKRs easier.

What You Need to Know About The Emerging Role of Chief of Staff

We know, Chief of Staff, you’re thinking about gray suits who serve at the pleasure of Presidents and members of Congress. But we aren’t talking about your parents' Chief of Staff.

Align, Don’t Cascade Your Goals

In order for teams to align their own OKRs, they need a strategic north star to align to. But when companies cascade all of their OKRs, the system starts to fail.

The Alignment Challenge

In many ways alignment represents a natural next challenge for the enterprise. But if you’re looking to align your company, where do you start?

5 Fail Proof Ways to Implement OKRs

Using the right approach to implementing OKRs involves ensuring that the process is seen as valuable—from executives all the way down to individual contributors.

How to write incredible OKRs

Writing incredible OKRs doesn't have to be challenging. In this post we discuss best practices and guidelines to help you and your teams create your own, incredible OKRs.

Putting the band back together

Meet Koan’s Chief Revenue Officer, Scott Campbell

Guiding Your Users to Success With Intercom Tours

Intercom Tours help Koan’s product team deliver timely onboarding across our entire platform. Here’s how it all comes together.