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Straight From the Koan Heart: A Love Letter to OKRs

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we wrote a poem about one of our greatest loves: OKRs.

Book Club: What You Do Is Who You Are

Corporate culture is a squishy, complicated concept. It’s at once an executive priority and a job-market qualifier; the sum of a firm’s behaviors and its aspirations for what those behaviors ought to be. As a startup helping scale leadership processes on behalf of (typically much larger) firms, we’ve had considerable exposure to how different cultures impact the organizations around them. But what about our own? As we sat down for the latest installment of Koan Book Club, our selection—Ben Horowitz’s What You Do is Who You Are—inspired deeper introspection of the culture we’ve created (deliberately or otherwise) at Koan.

Creating a results-oriented culture with OKRs

The chief goal of culture, regardless of industry or scale, is to inspire the behaviors the business needs to win. Increasingly, success demands that companies focus on outcomes over tasks—shifting the emphasis from doing the work to the outcomes that the work will deliver. Building a results-oriented culture is a significant project, but executive buy-in and incremental steps can help transform even the most rigid, task-oriented businesses into agile, results-oriented competitors.

6 Steps to Fix How You Manage Goals

Many organizations struggle with the goal management process, and some are looking to OKRs to help solve this challenge. But rolling out OKRs isn’t as easy as it seems. So, consider this a starting point, and because we know you like steps to check-off your list of things to do, we have six of them for you.

December Product Update: New Integrations, Visualizations, and more

We come with good tidings and cheer, including a big batch of new product features and improvements.

How to Use OKRs to Turn Strategy into Action

So, you have to align objectives, plan, involve your direct reports, focus on enablement and engage in ongoing team reviews. How do you make that last?

How to Close Our Quarterly Goals & OKRs

Creating a positive and proactive team culture around your OKRs helps not only with the likelihood of success, but also makes the process of closing out and having a retrospective for your OKRs easier.

The Chief of Staff: What You Need to Know About This Emerging Role

We know, Chief of Staff, you’re thinking about gray suits who serve at the pleasure of Presidents and members of Congress. But we aren’t talking about your parents' Chief of Staff.