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Insights on strategy, leadership, and management inspired by our work at Koan

How OKRs inspire purposeful work

Much has been written lately about Millennials’ and (especially) Generation Z’s desire to work for purpose-driven companies. It may very well become one of the defining narratives around how the workplace will evolve, especially as the war for talent continues.

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Pull up a chair: Koan now supports Collaborative OKRs

When we launched Koan, we promised managers a new way to foster transparent, constructive conversations with their teams. Fast-forward to 2019: our simple, focused reflections now offer more than 1,000 teams a weekly opportunity to build visibility and open dialog. We’ve heard awesome stories about Koan’s transformative impact on companies both large and small — but we’re only getting started.Our mission — to help every team realize their purpose — is much more than weekly dialog. Transparency matters, of course, but so too do the vision and focus needed to drive great results.Today, we’re excited to announce the next major step for Koan: Collaborative OKRs.

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The heartbeat of great teams

Last week, well-known venture capitalist Fred Wilson wrote a great post “The Heartbeat” about the rhythm and cadence that great CEOs set inside their companies with goals/OKRs, regular product…

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