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Insights on strategy, leadership, and management inspired by our work at Koan

The 2020 Global OKR Annual Report

To learn more about the management and use of OKRs within organizations around the globe, Koan has partnered with There Be Giants for this research project. The results were fascinating and uncovered some interesting trends around how OKRs were being used by businesses and the impact they were having.

Team Wellness + OKRs: the Better Resolution for the New Year

It’s that time of year when many of us tend to think about our personal habits, and set ambitious ‘resolutions’ to be better. But what if we applied that same ambition to our work life? What about positive habits specifically for business team health and wellness?

Annual vs. Quarterly OKRs: A guide to OKR timelines

Breaking down goals into annual vs quarterly OKRs will help teams adapt to the OKR process more easily, and ultimately better hit goals within OKR timelines.

Introducing the Koan Free Tier

We’re excited to announce that every team can start managing their goals using Koan for free. No joke. No credit card required. No limitations. Just full-blown free. This first-of-its-kind organizational alignment offering is free for an unlimited number of users and provides a great way for any team to replace the pitfalls of ad-hoc emails, spreadsheets, and calendar invites with a dedicated OKR and status tracking platform. 

Forecasting Goals with Confidence

How would your strategy change if you could be certain your OKRs would be achieved? What if you could catch problems before key initiatives go off the rails?

OKR Planning for Success

When implemented correctly, OKRs establish alignment throughout an organization and help teams see how their work contributes to the company’s objectives. But a key component of OKRs is to understand that the success of the OKR framework will depend largely on the strategy and planning behind the OKRs implementation.

Koan Book Club: What We’re Reading at Koan

Part of our mission at Koan is to bring those smarts directly into the tools we’re building. So as you might imagine, we constantly have a tall stack of books on our to-read list….We have a monthly book club where we pick a book to all read, then share our favorite insights and debate the potential product impacts.

The “Anti” OKR Pledge

Just seeing the acronym “OKR” is enough to send shudders through legions of knowledge workers. All too often it means a goals process that’s bloated, tedious, irrelevant to what’s actually important, and that ultimately yields a lot less value than the effort put in. This has got to stop.

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