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Koan Book Club: Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

For our latest Koan Book Club selection, the team picked up Caroline Criado Perez' “Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men,” which inspired a thoughtful discussion and introspection of gender bias at Koan and beyond. In her book, she argues that the world we all inhabit is designed with a male-default point of view which puts women at a severe disadvantage. We’ve recapped some of the discussion highlights from our virtual book club meeting. 

The Importance of Teams

Teams are where your organization’s work gets done and great things happen. With the expansion of remote working, increased isolation and challenges to productivity, teams are more important than ever. Fostering teamwork and communication among teams enhances productivity, transparency and alignment.

In Pursuit of Operational Rhythm: The Three Pillars of Koan

Koan was created to help leaders and teams become more efficient by providing them with a simple, collaborative platform to manage goals and OKRs across organizations. With collaboration at our core, Koan offers value to organizations through three fundamental pillars: Teams, Reflections, and Insights. These lead to our core value propositions: Transparency, Alignment, Accountability.

Beyond Zoom and Slack: Other collaboration tools that will help keep your teams aligned

The first step in keeping remote teams productive is to make sure everyone is connected. But then what? It’s important to think beyond just basic communication and look for ways to keep employees motivated, engaged, and productive throughout this disruptive time.

The Koan OKR Examples Worksheet

Koan’s OKR Examples Worksheet is a great tool to use as you’re preparing for an OKR planning cycle. Uncover OKR examples by various departments, and get started drafting your own with an OKR worksheet.

Wizikey Session: How to Use OKRs With a Remote Team

The following blog is reposted from our friends at Wizikey, who hosted an AMA with our CEO, Matt Tucker, about managing OKRs with remote teams. He provided recommendations for handling OKRs during a time of crisis, book suggestions, and answered questions from the group.

Navigating Uncertainty with OKRs

In case you missed our recent webinar, Navigating Uncertainty with OKRs, we’ve recapped the highlights and key takeaways. Matt Tucker and Scott Campbell from Koan were joined by our friends from There Be Giants, Founder Roger Longden and Head of OKR Projects Lawrence Walsh, for a conversation about coping with unpredictability and how OKRs can help. 

April Product Updates: Improved Goal Creation and Closeout, Check-ins, Presentation Mode, and more!

As many of you enter a new fiscal quarter, we’ve been working hard to help you become more productive and efficient within Koan. Take a look at some of our new product features and improvements.