OKRs Help Coda Payments Manage Rapid Growth

July 2020







Coda Payments is a fast paced company and there is always a lot happening, so seeing our company and team level objectives in Koan helps me to maintain focus throughout a quarter.

Linda Lee

Director of People Operations at Coda Payments

OKRs Help Coda Payments Manage Rapid Growth 

Coda Payments is a hybrid Ecommerce company and payments aggregator based in Singapore that enables customers in emerging markets to make transactions online using alternative payment methods. Serving emerging markets where credit and debit card penetration is low, Coda Payments’ flagship offering Codashop, enables customers to top up on mobile game accounts and purchase other digital content through payment methods like direct carrier billing, which allows customers to make purchases using phone credits, e-wallets, over the counter payments, or bank transfers. In addition to increasing the accessibility of digital content throughout Southeast Asia, Coda Payments also helps digital content publishers expand their reach to customers without debit or credit cards.

Finding a Scalable OKR Solution

As the Director of People Operations at Coda Payments, Linda Lee had utilized OKRs at her previous company and appreciated their value in a rapidly scaling startup environment. Prior to joining Coda Payments, she had only managed OKRs using spreadsheets, which she found to be inefficient and challenging to scale. At Coda Payments, she realized the benefits of using an OKR tool like Koan.

This switch from spreadsheets to Koan proved to be especially valuable in the wake of Coda Payments’ recent growth. In the past year, the company has grown to nearly 180 employees across 18 locations, making the need for alignment even more essential and exceedingly challenging. Lee explained that Koan made the company’s  OKR process scalable and efficient,

As our teams have grown and the number of functions and sub-functions have expanded, becoming aligned in terms of goal setting has become more important. Obviously, using a spreadsheet document with twenty tabs is clunky to navigate and is not scalable, which is why Koan has helped to bring focus and alignment. 

Channeling Visibility and Focus from Anywhere

Achieving alignment is a challenge for any organization, but Coda Payments faces additional hurdles due to their vast geographic diversity. With nearly 180 employees dispersed throughout over 18 locations and scattered across various different time zones, Coda Payments actively puts measures in place to ensure that all of their employees, regardless of whether they are in the office or working remotely, have visibility into the company’s objectives and progress. Koan enables them to do this through remote-friendly asynchronous updates on both a macro and micro level.

At the company-wide level, Coda Payments uses Koan’s Company Homepage feature to give all employees visibility into company-wide OKRs and progress updates. The Company Homepage also functions as a central hub for the company to internally publish their mission statement, vision, and strategy, helping to increase internal transparency and promote purpose-driven work. This allows for all stakeholders to see how their contributions impact the company as a whole, ultimately increasing employee motivation. 

At the departmental level, teams track their Objectives and Key Results using Koan’s status tool, Reflections, to ensure that all team members are up-to-date on department-wide projects and initiatives. Lee’s People Operations team consists of eight employees spanning across three different locations. She finds that asynchronous Reflections promote team cohesiveness and simplify collaboration despite the geographic divide, “Seeing everyone write their reflections on a weekly basis helps me to have visibility into what the team has achieved. It is a great point of reference to identify if we are on track and I can always go back to team Reflections during my 1:1s or weekly catch-ups,” said Lee.

Enabling Self-Reflection and Focus in a Fast-Paced Workplace

In addition to bringing alignment to her team, Lee also explained that weekly Reflections have facilitated mindfulness and positive accountability on an individual level. “I think that Reflections are useful on a personal level and on a team level. My personal benefit is that it is really nice to reflect on what I have done each week. It allows me to check on how productive I have been and to take a moment to plan my priorities for the following week.”

Lee also stated that Koan has helped her to focus on priorities that will directly impact her OKRs. Like many growing businesses, Coda Payments is  a rapid work environment. This can make it difficult for individuals to identify and focus on priorities because of the constant accumulation of to-do lists. Lee explained that Koan has helped to bring focus to her and her teammates,

Coda Payments is a fast paced company and there is always a lot happening, so seeing our company and team level objectives in Koan helps me to maintain focus throughout a quarter.

By enabling focus and alignment both on an independent and organizational level, Koan has helped Coda Payments to focus on what really matters. 

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