Galley Adopts OKRs to Facilitate Rapid Growth

June 2020


San Diego, California


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“You can really tell that Koan is a product-led organization and the focus is on making the best possible tool for its users. Koan is truly building products that executives want to use.”

Ian Christopher

CEO and Co-Founder

Galley Adopts OKRs to Facilitate Rapid Growth

Founded in 2017, Galley Solutions helps restaurants, caterers, and other types of food industry businesses collect and understand the food data behind their operations, which empowers them to make more profitable decisions. Traditionally, food companies struggle to cost food accurately and understand precise margins, which can cause an over-reliance on intuition and approximation. Galley Solutions is a software-based solution that simplifies production and optimizes purchasing so organizations can save money and valuable time.

As a young start-up, Galley’s executive team was challenged by advisors to adopt the OKRs methodology as a management practice. Based in San Diego, California, OKRs were a natural fit into the data-driven organization and provided clearly defined top priorities for the company.

“After some investigation, the OKR methodology seemed like a no brainer for our team. As a highly systematic and process-oriented technology company, OKRs were an easy way to help us streamline our goals and keep our team aligned,” says Ian Christopher, CEO and Co-Founder, Galley Solutions. 

Finding the Right Solution to Stay On Track

As Galley began to implement OKRs within their company, Galley started using a project management tool to track progress, but quickly realized that it became difficult to differentiate between the strategic goals and daily tasks. Project management and collaboration tools are great for accomplishing simple tasks that contribute to key results, but at the end of the day, they can't replace an OKR tool. Galley identified that they needed a software-based OKR tool to manage their specific goals.

After evaluating and trying a few different OKR management tools, Galley began managing their goals within Koan. Christopher recognized that in order for OKRs to be successful within the organization, everyone needs to participate and use the same tool. Koan was the straightforward, simple tool that Galley needed to manage their OKRs. The OKR tool helped to reinforce great practices while also seamlessly fitting into the way the Galley team already worked. 

“You can really tell Koan is a product-led organization and the focus is on making the best possible tool for its customers. Koan is truly building products that executives want to use,” says Christopher.

Transforming OKRs into Data-Driven Productivity

Galley Solutions and Koan were aligned from the start, as both companies have the mission to build software that provides valuable data and enables customers to make better-informed decisions. With a shared value of empowering businesses to be more efficient, Koan was rolled out to the entire team. 

“As a start-up, we really connected with the Koan team and the vision of the company,” says Christopher. “It is really encouraging to see consistent product development updates and regular improvements to the platform. It makes me a huge believer in Koan!”

Koan has become a vital leadership tool as the organization grows, helping to achieve real alignment and focus. The simple and intuitive experience allows the entire team to actively use Koan to track company, team, and individual OKRs. Now everyone has clarity on key objectives, facilitating open communication about goal progress across teams. 

Doubling-Down on Koan as a Remote Tool

After several months of using Koan, the Galley team is already starting to see the positive impacts of the tool. Driving towards a series A funding round, Galley has relied on the Koan OKR management tool to keep everyone on track and work towards the same goals. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the Galley team was forced to work as a remote team, which only amplified the importance of using Koan as a central place for communication. The consistent check-ins against team OKRs, and gaining insights into what everyone is working on helps enable cross-functional collaboration.

“Now that we are a remote team, it’s critically important we double-down on our utilization of Koan and make sure it keeps everyone aligned and on target to reach their goals,” says Christopher. “The whole team has bought into this process - it is affordable, easy to use, maps to our internal processes, and helps us become more efficient as an organization.”

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