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September 2020


San Diego, CA


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About Workiz: Powering a growth mindset in every facet of the business

Workiz is the only field service management software and communication platform for small to medium-sized on-demand businesses in North America. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Diego, California, this SaaS CRM platform enables field service businesses, such as locksmiths, carpet cleaners, and appliance repairers, to focus on what matters while Workiz handles the administrative tasks. With Workiz, field service professionals can grow their business by ditching antiquated business management methods and adopt the easy-to-use platform to manage scheduling, invoicing, payment processing, and more.

With the mission to turn all service professionals into business professionals, Workiz believes that growth is a priority over everything else. Their growth mindset guides every decision made at Workiz, from hiring, to client growth strategy, to product development and service culture.

Looking to OKRs to manage sales growth

Workiz began looking for an OKR tool in 2018, when they began to face massive growth from a revenue and hiring perspective. According to Richard Lingle, Sales Team Manager at Workiz, they were hiring new sales representatives on a monthly basis, and could only offer quick onboarding experiences so they could prioritize achieving sales quotas. Naturally, with a growth-powered mindset, the sales pipeline was always a top priority for Lingle, but with the quick startup pace, the company was only able to focus on sales and revenue goals on a monthly cadence,unable to make time for strategic planning due to their limited bandwidth. 

Traditionally, the sales team powers the engine of the business, bringing in revenue and acting as the common link between the customer and the Workiz brand. In large part, the sales team is responsible for the growth of the company, so it became critical that the sales team set appropriate sales goals.

“We were only focusing on the end goal of sales, and never had time to focus on the other KPIs we set for ourselves, such as building training and sales enablement materials,” says Lingle.

When taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, Lingle realized that the Workiz team could achieve even greater success by expanding their focus and making time for additional goals and KPIs to support their high-level objectives. Lingle and the rest of the Workiz team turned to OKRs to achieve this vision. 

Leveraging an OKR software tool for goal management and team alignment

An established executive in the software industry, Workiz CEO, Adi "Didi" Azaria, tends to take a very methodical approach to new challenges and loves trying new tools and platforms. With a passion for technology and testing out new software, Azaria was introduced to Koan as a potential solution to managing OKRs at Workiz. After evaluating Koan, Azaria was sold. He not only loved the foundational technology behind Koan, but also appreciated the simple yet effective approach to OKRs and status reports. 

By adopting OKRs and using Koan to manage goals, the Workiz sales team was able to create organizational alignment and build teamwork across the rest of the company. The software-based tool enabled the sales team to maximize visibility across all departments, ultimately increasing positive accountability and alignment throughout the company. With the ability to clearly see the shared interest in collective achievement, the company was able to improve overall performance and reach greater heights. 

Lingle notes, “Since adopting Koan, Workiz has become more aligned and focused on what needs to be prioritized so the team can achieve larger objectives.”

Finding greater success through cross-team collaboration

One of the most influential improvements the Workiz team noticed after implementing Koan was the increase in cross-functionality when working towards goals. Before adopting OKRs, there was limited communication and collaboration across departments; however, once the teams created an environment of transparency and visibility around goals, the Workiz sales team was able to work together with other departments to reach important objectives. 

Although sales teams are traditionally laser-focused on revenue targets and hitting their quotas, Lingle was able to maximize the scope of this strategy by adopting OKRs. This allowed him to identify ways for the sales team to improve efficiency and enable each salesperson to achieve maximum ROI.

“Since adopting Koan, it has made the Workiz team more efficient and collaborative. For example, in Q2, the sales and marketing teams partnered to build training and sales enablement assets, both of which function to achieve success in the long term as the organization scales.”

The ability to collaborate with different departments using Koan ensures that every channel is tapped into, allowing the Workiz team to cover more ground in less time. Tracking OKRs using the software helps each department to maximize efficiency and harness the power of working with purpose and precision. 

“The collaborative nature of Koan has enabled us to build a better training program. In Q3 the sales and operations teams partnered to build a much more robust system to train new sales reps. Since achieving this goal, the results speak for themselves; those sales reps got up-to-speed quickly and started closing sales faster and more effectively than we were ever able to do before.” 

Maintaining efficiency during a global pandemic

After using Koan for more than a year, the Workiz team has more than doubled in size and every single employee, regardless of tenure or level, uses Koan to track goals and weekly Reflections. Due to COVID-19, the Workiz team was forced to start working remotely, but because the team already had Koan as part of their daily routine, it helped to keep everyone aligned at a distance. 

“Since we began working remotely, nothing changed in the way we use Koan since it's very easy to manage online and there was no need for an in-person meeting to support it,” says Lingle. 

The Workiz team found particular value in the Weekly Reflections while working remotely because it provided transparency for managers to understand what everyone was working on and helped to identify blockers or problem areas that needed to be addressed. Even with daily and weekly meetings, Koan helped to keep employees connected and pulling in the same direction. 

“The Koan Reflections feature poses questions in a way that gets even the most cynical sales reps to open up and share their candid thoughts,” says Lingle. “Those reflections allowed me to address issues as soon as they came up, and highly improved the level of transparency across the team.”

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