About Koan

We help teams deliver exceptional results.

Our mission is to help every organization achieve their purpose. Built on a foundational belief that strong teams are transparent, collaborative, and human-centered, we empower teams to align and focus with our easy to use OKR and status platform.

What We Do

Employee alignment and engagement remains a top challenge for almost every organization. With the shift to remote work, communication gets siloed, priorities shift and information gets lost in the daily spreadsheet shuffle. Koan enables teams to align and engage through the power of habit, keeping everyone connected to the mission and focused on achieving their most critical goals.

In Zen practice, a koan (/ˈkōän/) is a riddle or paradox that, once meditated upon, leads to enlightenment. An empowering analogy for managing teams, Koan helps organizations pass along enlightenment through the practice of reflection. And with consistent practice, small positive behaviors, done consistently, yield enormous results.

Who We Are

Koan was acquired by Gtmhub, who are committed to the same Koan values. We are focused on building a product that the entire team believes in.

Our Commitment to DE&I

Koan values Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) and prioritizes creating a great environment for employees to work in. Learn more.

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Koan HQ

1630 Welton St, Suite 500d
Denver, CO 80202
United States
Email: hello@koan.co

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