What people are saying about Koan

The most simple to use OKR tool in the market

I am a big fan of KPIs tools that help people get focused. OKRs are not really understood by managers as a performance tool. It can make huge impact on organizations. Koan delivers a simple and easy to start with platform that other tools make too complex for DIY. But for bigger organizations might be too simple. It is exactly "less is more".

João Miguel D.
Operations Manager
Computer Software, 11-50 employees

Excellent tool for goal-tracking

My organization uses Koan to organize company-, department-, and team-level goals-as well as individual OKRs.

Sara G.
Director of Brand Experience
Hospitality, 1001-5000 employees

Perfect OKR tool for med-sized companies

We got strategic and tactical team alignment in just a day. Right now the concept of OKRs brings us real value. And there was no need to teach employees how to use it as it was super-intuitive.

Alec V.
Computer Software, 11-50 employees

Useful way to orient team toward goals

Our team loves this software. It's the right balance between gathering the information needed to make decisions / vs. / not being difficult and annoying to use. Fully recommend to any startup team with rapidly changing goals as a way to keep team pointed in the right direction.

Rob S.
Head of Product
Insurance, 11-50 employees

Simple, easy-to-use OKR software

We are a small and growing team. Koan helps orient new staff to our company objectives and how their work fits in. We review Koan at our weekly exec meeting and it's improved the understanding of what's happening across our organization.

Mike S.
Operations Manager
Research, 1-10 employees

Great tool for a global team

We use this on a weekly basis for our internal team. It has been a great and fun way to measure our successes and stay aligned across multiple offices.

Kaitlin H.
Self-Service Specialist
Computer Software, 201-500 employees
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