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6 Steps to Fix Your Goal Management Process

Many organizations struggle with the goal management process, and some are looking to OKRs to help solve this challenge. But rolling out OKRs isn’t as easy as it seems. This e-Book dives into several steps that will help you be successful. 

In this free e-Book, you’ll learn:
- Key steps to embrace when adopting OKRs
- How to communicate effectively across your organization
- How to align your company and team goals
- Best practices when rolling out OKRs to your team

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At a glance

Does this sound familiar?

Management goes on their Quarterly or Annual Offsite. After vigorous debate, various forms of the Mission, Vision, Values, Strategy, Goals, Objectives, target KPIs and the Plan are documented. A presentation to the company is made by the Executive team. The company is excited that there is a plan, and ready to go.

Two weeks later, no one can find the shared docs with the Strategy, Goals, Objectives, etc. The individual Departments put together their plan with the best information they have, but still prioritize day-to-day work over strategic goals.

Two weeks after that, KPIs and Product/Feature delivery dates are all anyone talks about. Executives stare at shared spreadsheets or Dashboards in meetings and ask things such as: “Why are leads off track?” or“Is the new product really going to be delivered in time for the launch?” or“What’s going on with our Churn rate?”

Two weeks later, you hear“Oh crap! Our funnel metrics are off, let’s put together a plan.”PANIC sets in. A committee or task force is formed to resolve issues, a War Room concept is established, but no one knows what the heck that is

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