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The 2020 Chief of Staff Survey Results

At Koan, we’ve been fascinated with the emerging role of Chief of Staff. We recently conducted a survey with a large group of people in that role, and discovered some insightful information about how the role will evolve over time. 

In this free report, you’ll learn about:
- The current state of the Chief of Staff role
- How your peers view the role of Chief of Staff
- Concrete data to  determine whether you should add one to your organization

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At a glance

At Koan, we’ve been fascinated with the role of Chief of Staff. An emerging role, it fills a highly specific niche: turning a company’s strategy into action. Some of a Chief of Staff’s responsibilities might overlap with that of other executives, but with no attachment to a specific department, they are more nimble in crossing functions to facilitate communication and create alignment.

A strategic role within a company, the Chief of Staff aligns the company’s departments and divisions in support of the strategic plan and tracks progress towards goals, making OKRs an ideal tool for them. The position is still evolving and being defined, however, and we wanted to take a data-driven approach to uncover more about it. Our survey was conducted early this year. We received 50+ responses to our survey which was directed at mostly technology companies where the role is becoming prominent.

Below are the survey responses, along with anecdotes from a number of Chiefs of Staff who agreed to be interviewed to gather deeper information.If you’re an aspiring Chief of Staff, want to learn more about how your peers view their role, or you want to gather data to determine whether you should add one to your organization, we think you’ll find the following information helpful.

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