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Goal Alignment, Check-Ins & Building a Culture of Accountability

The key element to creating goal alignment is ensuring that everyone within your organization understands what they are working on and why they are doing it. Getting everyone working in time to the unique drumbeat of YOUR organization is crucial, but this can be very challenging without the right support mechanisms.

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At a glance

Goal alignment is one of the key factors to any business success story, and this applies whether you’re a team of two or two thousand.Within any organisation, people are likely to have a range of different ideas both about what they want from the business and where they see it going.

Just like a rowing crew, if there isn’t alignment and the timing isn’t right, then there’ll be a lot of splashing around but not much progress. In other words; lots of wasted effort. And even if you do somehow manage to progress, it’s highly likely you’ll soon be hearing cries of “man overboard” from those people who were trying to head the other way.

In the business world the desired outcomes, outside of something as obvious as profitability, are rarely clear cut and simple. This means that in order to achieve and progress, everyone needs to be aligned to common goals. If those goals are aligned with strong habits to manage them, and regular conversation to check-in, then it’s much more likely that your team will be all be happier heading in the same direction.

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