Rich OKR & Team Management Features

Koan’s goal management platform provides your organization with the visibility, transparency, and accountability you need to run your business effectively and achieve your goals.

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Status Reports for the Modern Team

Save time in meetings, build accountability, and foster great communication with Koan Reflections—simple, beautiful status reports for your entire team.

Objectives & Key Results

Build alignment, accountability, and deliver results

Koan’s goal management features enable you to successfully roll out the OKR methodology at scale. Combine metrics with your team’s qualitative insights to predict goal outcomes and make the right decisions.


Focus on the big picture

Show your team the “why” behind your goals. Koan brings your mission, vision and strategy to the forefront so everyone understands their impact on your company’s most important objectives.


Make goal management a team sport

Your most important goals are tackled by teams, not individuals. Develop better habits and get your remote teams on the same page using modern weekly status reports. Share progress, priorities, and concerns to surface issues before they become major problems.


Quantitative data with qualitative insights to stay on track

Monitor progress and discover blockers so you can get ahead—and stay ahead—of your goals. Automatically collect your team’s direct feedback to quickly spot trends, uncover leading indicators and stop waiting for your dashboards to catch up.


Seamlessly integrate Koan with where you work today

Integrate Koan natively with task managers like Jira, communication tools like Slack, and SSO platforms like Okta. And seamlessly connect to all of your existing data sources through Zapier.


Maintain regular communication and prioritize productivity

Facilitate daily check-ins through a Slack integration to power asynchronous stand-ups for remote teams