Leadership at every scale.

Koan OKRs, weekly reflections, and turn-key best practices continuously strengthen your strategic processes, building alignment and unlocking leadership at every level of your organization.

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Status Reports for the Modern Team

Save time in meetings, build accountability, and foster great communication with Koan Reflections—simple, beautiful status reports for your entire team.

Collaborative Goals

Simple Goals, Serious Results.

Share your strategy, build alignment, and deliver amazing results. Koan’s simple, beautiful tools and turnkey best practices help leaders achieve their goals at every scale.


Keep your strategy front and center

Never miss another connection. Koan keeps the company's strategy out where everyone can see it.


Find trouble, spot trends, get ahead of your business—and stay there.

Gather leading indicators from your processes and people and stop waiting for your dashboards to catch up


Seamlessly integrate 1000s of apps and services

Connect existing workflows and automatically update progress via Koan’s pushbutton integrations with tools like JIRA and Zapier