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Koan is a SaaS-based platform that helps you to easily manage goals and OKRs for your entire company.

Focus on the mission

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Growth companies and enterprises agree:
Koan is the tool that managers and employees actually like to use.

"Koan is so easy to use, it actually makes setting and tracking OKRs enjoyable. It definitely makes me more productive and focused."
Anthony T.
Product Manager
Financial Services, 51-200 employees

The Benefits of OKR Software

Simple and Collaborative Tool to Manage Your Goals and OKRs

Monitor Progress In Real Time

Gather forecasts and insights to keep leaders across the entire business one step ahead.

Work Together, At Scale

Share your strategy, build alignment, and deliver amazing results using our simple OKR tools.

Make Participation Easy

Save time for employees at every level using our simple and powerful automation tools.

Features of Dynamic OKR Software

Koan gives global enterprises and growing startups the transparency, visibility, and accountability to set their strategy and deliver results.

Spark teamwork

Collaborative goals at every level

Set goals at company, departmental and team levels. Collaborate across levels and remove roadblocks from interdependencies. Create metrics, visibility and accountability—accelerate success.

Make goals a team sport

Take bold steps with Koan's expert support

Your most important goals are tackled by teams, not individuals. Develop better habits and get your team on the same page using modern weekly status reports. Share progress, priorities, and concerns to surface issues before they become major problems.

Crowdsource insight

Harness the wisdom of the team at all levels

Collect feedback from across your organization to build ownership, track alignment, and keep your objectives headed for success.

Get expert support

Take bold steps with Koan's expert support

Does getting your entire company running on OKRs seem daunting? Our service staff and OKR coaches can take you from zero to one in a matter of days, not weeks.

But don’t take our word for it.

Growth companies and enterprises agree: Koan is the leadership tool that employees actually like to use.

While a sober topic, I do want to say that it was timely for us to get all of this set up as we've all just gone to WFH in all office indefinitely. Strange times indeed, but hopefully will be better connected as a team with Koan!

Neil Jansen


With Koan, we now have a single place to communicate and execute on our strategy. I can see the status of our top priorities—and more importantly, everyone else can, too.

Eric Breon


“Koan has helped us build transparency in the team and align everyone’s priorities around the company’s goals”

Simon Ratner


Refine Your Team Goals With Free OKR Software

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