Create resourcing plans 

The success of an objective depends on the team working towards it. Ambitious objectives draw on many different talents, and unless a truly cross-functional group is already available, one will need to be created.

After distinguishing who will lead each Key Result, be explicit about who else needs to chip in to achieve each goal (these are all the contributors).  Don’t bite off more than the team can chew, but also make sure you’re stretching for excellence. For larger objectives, make sure cross-functional dependencies are identified and resources are available.

Defining the action plan is different from defining the OKRs. These are the tactical outputs that will keep everyone on track and enable progress towards achieving the OKR. These plans should include the initiatives you’re going to take, what tasks need to be accomplished, and what benchmarks need to be hit by when. These milestones should be tracked separately from your OKRs so that the process doesn’t take attention away from the outcomes. A common misstep is that many teams tend to turn KRs into data-driven task lists related to outputs, but ultimately this won’t deliver the desired outcome. 

Especially when you have an OKR that has cross-team dependencies, you’ll want to make sure this action plan is clearly defined and communicated broadly, so that contributors are aware of expectations and have accountability to contribute towards these milestones. When OKRs are not visible or transparent, and there is no communication across teams about the progress of OKRs, this can often lead to last-minute scrambles and misalignment. 

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Why Koan

Koan helps teams stay aligned and on the same page

Everyone on the same page

Koan helps guarantee your team knows why what they do matters and how it will make a difference

Koan helps teams focus on the work not the process, so they are all pulling in the same direction

Focus on the work, not the process

Koan’s OKR platform supports your existing processes and workflows, without the need for new meetings or distracting data entry

Use Koan to foster a transparent team culture

Foster a transparent culture

Koan builds transparency with natural opportunities for feedback between managers and team members

Use Koan to manage OKRs and goals, and help teams work with purpose

Work with purpose

Koan aligns every employee’s work to the company’s Mission, Vision, Values, Strategy and Goals

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