Start the cycle again

Start a new planning cycle and incorporate the learnings to set better goals and to improve the process. Once the previous OKRs are scored and closed out, revisit the annual mission, vision, and strategy, and then brainstorm as a team about your top priorities for the next OKR cycle. 

A helpful reminder is to focus on a few key areas where you can make huge progress and define goals that can be accomplishable over the next 3 months. Quarterly planning should be relatively lightweight and done quickly (no more than one to two weeks from start to finish)

Each time you go through the OKR quarterly process, it will get easier and you’ll become more efficient as a company. As you move through the next cycle, make sure to incorporate what you’ve learned from previous cycles. 

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Keep remote teams aligned

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Schedule a demo to learn how to maximize efficiency with distributed teams

Why Koan

Koan helps teams stay aligned and on the same page

Everyone on the same page

Koan helps guarantee your team knows why what they do matters and how it will make a difference

Koan helps teams focus on the work not the process, so they are all pulling in the same direction

Focus on the work, not the process

Koan’s OKR platform supports your existing processes and workflows, without the need for new meetings or distracting data entry

Use Koan to foster a transparent team culture

Foster a transparent culture

Koan builds transparency with natural opportunities for feedback between managers and team members

Use Koan to manage OKRs and goals, and help teams work with purpose

Work with purpose

Koan aligns every employee’s work to the company’s Mission, Vision, Values, Strategy and Goals

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