Product & Engineering

A Simple OKR Tool for Product & Engineering Teams

Koan makes it easy to run OKRs and status updates across engineering, keeping your teams motivated and pulling in the same direction.

See the big picture across all your teams

JIRA and Trello are great for tracking details, but it’s too easy to lose the forest through the trees. Use Koan to to know whether your Objectives and Key Results are on track and to communicate priorities.

Foster autonomy and accountability

Koan builds a positive team culture by helping you set clear goals with objective metrics. Avoid micro-managing and give your team the autonomy to invent how they’re going to achieve success while also driving accountability.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Your engineers are busy. Koan meets you where you work today, integrating with services like Jira, Slack, and Zapier.  Simple tools and powerful automation save time for all employees at every level.

Monitor progress and stay one step ahead

Koan gathers forecasts and insight to keep leaders across the entire business one step ahead. Koan gives you critical data with minimal time investment by the team.

Key Features

Supports the entire OKR lifecyle

Koan’s goal management features enable you to successfully roll out the OKR methodology at scale. Combine metrics with your team’s qualitative insights to predict goal outcomes and make the right decisions.

Easily integrate with where you work today

Integrate Koan natively with task managers like Jira, communication tools like Slack, and SSO platforms like Okta. And seamlessly connect to all of your existing data sources through Zapier.

Jira integration

Transparent collaboration

Save time in meetings, build accountability, and foster great communication with Reflections—simple, beautiful status reports for your entire team. Incorporate custom questions to help power sprint retrospectives.

Koan reflection responses

Update metrics in real time

Use Koan’s Goal Metrics API to push real-time updates from your back-end systems directly into Koan. Your quantitative data mixed next to the team’s confidence assessments yields breakthrough clarity.

Prioritize productivity

Maintain regular communication and facilitate daily check-ins through a Slack integration to power asynchronous stand-ups for remote teams.

Slack check-ins post

Growth companies and enterprises agree:
Koan is the leadership tool that employees actually like to use.

“Koan has helped us build transparency in the team and align everyone’s priorities around the company’s goals”

Simon Ratner, CTO of

“We’ve had a very successful past four or five months with product development at New Relic. I think part of that is due to Koan bringing focus to the teams—helping them finish tasks and get products into customers’ hands.”

Mary Grossi, Senior Director of Program Management at New Relic

"Koan has been a big help in our leadership meetings. We review our goals each week, and it is really clear if we're on track or not. It's helped drive alignment and discussions we weren't having before."

Jade R, VP of Engineering at Gremlin