The Simplest OKR Tool For Cross Functional Teams

Koan makes it easy to run OKRs across a matrix organizational structure, keeping your teams motivated, happier and pulling in the same direction.

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Get the bigger picture

JIRA and Trello are great for tracking details, but it’s too easy to lose the forest through the trees. Use Koan to to know whether your Objectives and Key Results are on track and to communicate priorities.

Foster autonomy and accountability

Koan builds a positive team culture by helping you set clear goals with objective metrics. Avoid micro-managing and give your team the autonomy to invent how they’re going to achieve success while also driving accountability.

Low effort/high impact

Your engineers are is busy; Koan gives you critical data with minimal time investment by the team. Deep Slack integration and a beautiful user experience lower the friction even further. 


Supports the entire OKR lifecyle

Koan lets you set organizational-wide objectives and hierarchal Key Results between teams

okr configuration

Slack integrated

Notify your teams and collect data via Slack

slack notification

Transparent by default

Foster open dialog and accountability between team members and leaders with visibility to what your team is working towards and has already achieved

team confidence

Update metrics in real time

Use Koan’s Goal Metrics API to push real-time updates from your back-end systems directly into Koan. Your quantitative data mixed next to the team’s confidence assessments yields breakthrough clarity.

“Koan has helped us build transparency in the team and align everyone’s priorities around the company’s goals”

Simon Ratner, CTO of

“Winning takes focus and feedback, and Koan is our weapon for keeping the whole team honest on both”

Aaron Ward, CEO of AskNicely