Be a Better
Team Through Reflection

Invest 5-10 minutes a week reflecting on progress and priorities. With that simple behavior, replace existing and painful “status reporting”, check if goals and initiatives are on-track and build a great team culture.

Set and communicate goals

Help your team understand and focus on the mission with Koan's goal feature. Once you create a new goal, OKR or initiative, Koan will automatically remind your team to report on progress.

Reflect weekly

Koan's reflection process promotes team and individual accountability while communicating progress and priorities. It also helps your team identify issues before they become problems. Use the “flagging” feature to associate work to a specific goal or project.

Know if you're
on track

Stop looking at long email threads to understand the status of a project. Koan becomes the best source for the true state of key initiatives without additional meetings and reporting processes.

Share status

Harness the wisdom of the team when it’s time to communicate the status of goals or initiatives with the rest of your company. Giving everyone a voice builds a sense of ownership and let’s you know if the team is aligned on whether the initiative is heading for success.

Integrates with Slack

Koan goes where your team is via rich Slack notifications. The product handles all the hard parts around managing a regular reporting schedule and sends nudges when a team member forgets to send in their reflection.

Conversations and reactions

Celebrate wins, provide public or private feedback and get to the heart of the issues your team is facing without separate and wasteful meetings.

Coach the team

Koan supports public feedback from the team and manager as well as private coaching from the manager. The ability to view it all from a single location makes it easier than ever to have an on-going dialog about how to improve.