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Don’t just set your goals, achieve them.

Koan gives global enterprises and growing startups the transparency, visibility, and accountability to set their strategy and deliver results.

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Make goals management a team sport

Your most important goals are tackled by teams, not individuals. Develop better habits and get your remote team on the same page using modern weekly status reports. Share progress, priorities, and concerns to surface issues before they become major problems.

Build positive habits that impact long term results

The world’s best companies use small habits to drive relentless progress. Koan provides simple, beautiful tools that break through the engagement barrier to bring these practices to every team.

Make sure everyone is working on the right things.

Say goodbye to lost status reports and buried email updates. Say hello to the easiest way to track status. Weekly reflections keep teams informed and provide up-to-date visibility with OKR progress.

Deliver outcomes, not tasks

Align teams to strategic outcomes with measurable key results. Teams use the OKR tool to stay focused on measurable progress, course-correct and celebrate wins.

“Koan delivers a simple and easy to start with platform that other tools make too complex for DIY.”
João Miguel D.
Operations Manager
Computer Software, 11-50 employees
Koan reflection responses

Status Reports for the Modern Team

Save time in meetings, build accountability, and foster great communication with Koan Reflections—simple, beautiful status reports for your entire team.

Start the right conversations

Create natural opportunities for feedback and collaboration between stakeholders and team members across the entire organization.

The easiest way to track status

With Koan, you’ll never miss an update again. Gain visibility across your organization, track progress and view insights at every level.

Focus on the important issues

Koan reflections give real-time visibility into the team’s status and goals, saving time by focusing meetings on the most critical concerns.

“Koan helps orient new staff to our company objectives and how their work fits in”
Mike S.
Operations Manager
Research, 1-10 employees

Quantitative data with qualitative insights to stay on track

Monitor progress and discover blockers so you can get ahead—and stay ahead—of your goals.

Never fight another fire.

Uncover hotspots and bottlenecks before they can slow you down. Early problem identification can help you discover problems before they occur.

Hard numbers. Human insights.

Easily track metrics towards key results—but the real magic happens when team members share feedback and confidence ratings towards key results. Providing a blend of quantitative and qualitative insights to unlock better decision-making.

Clearer trends. Better decisions.

Your history in one place—track progress and velocity from the very beginning. View and filter insights by teams or sub-teams to see the data you want.

Koan insights and data
“It has been a great and fun way to measure our successes and stay aligned across multiple offices.”
Kaitlin H.
Self-Service Specialist
Computer Software, 201-500 employees

Integrate Koan where you work today

Automatically drive Koan from your favorite tools, or build custom integrations with our developer API.

slack integrations

Get updates where the conversation is happening

Deep integrations with collaboration tools like Slack keep your strategy front and center and your team looped in.

Zapier integration

Save time and resources

Connect Koan with Zapier to automate your work and increase productivity.

Jira integration

Integrate with the products you already use

Koan meets you where you work today, integrating with task management services like Jira.

“My organization uses Koan to organize company-, department-, and team-level goals-as well as individual OKRs.”
Sara G.
Director of Brand Experience
Hospitality, 1001-5000 employees

Keep everyone in the loop

Koan is the easiest way for leaders and distributed teams to plan and achieve their goals, uncover insights and stay engaged

Koan for executives
Koan for individual contributors

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