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OKR Planning for Success

When implemented correctly, OKRs establish alignment throughout an organization and help teams see how their work contributes to the company’s objectives. But a key component of OKRs is to understand that the success of the OKR framework will depend largely on the strategy and planning behind the OKRs implementation.

The “Anti” OKR Pledge

Just seeing the acronym “OKR” is enough to send shudders through legions of knowledge workers. All too often it means a goals process that’s bloated, tedious, irrelevant to what’s actually important, and that ultimately yields a lot less value than the effort put in. This has got to stop.

How to Write Incredible OKRs

Writing incredible OKRs doesn't have to be challenging. In this post we discuss best practices and guidelines to help you and your teams create your own, incredible OKRs.

October Product Updates: Improved OKR and Goal Management

The latest refresh in Koan helps to simplify this challenge by providing additional visibility and transparency around OKRs and team dependencies. These recent product improvements are primarily focused around managing goals, and creating a way to easily see core dependencies across teams. Take a look at some of the recent improvements.

How to Align Your Team Around OKRs for 2021 Planning

The new year is approaching quickly. And if it’s anything like 2020, there might be more uncertainty and unpredictability ahead. Now is the opportunity for change, to make sure you’re positioned for success in 2021. Get ahead of the curve and start working towards a clear plan for how you’re going to move your business forward.

Atruity OKRs Q&A Podcast

Koan joined partner Atruity on their OKR Q&A podcast for an interesting discussion about all things OKRs. This blog post captures a few highlights from the conversation, including a unique perspective on the OKR marketplace and the challenges facing organizations as they enter the OKR adoption journey.

Great OKR Examples & How To Write Your Own

Koan’s OKR Examples Worksheet is a great tool to use as you’re preparing for an OKR planning cycle. Uncover OKR examples by various departments, and get started drafting your own with an OKR worksheet.

What’s a Fiscal Year and How Do I Choose One?

Organizing all your business planning around your fiscal year will simplify planning and alignment across your company. Mixing aspirational annual OKRs with quarterly commit OKRs is a great fit for most modern, agile businesses.