Case Studies

Workiz navigates growth using the OKR methodology

Learn how the field service software achieved alignment and cross-team collaboration

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&yet builds a culture of innovation with OKRs

Learn how the agency leveraged software to be creative, take risks and grow

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Fast-Tracking With OKRs

COVID-19 encourages MURAL, a virtual collaboration company, to accelerate their goals

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Gremlin Maximizes Remote Collaboration Using OKRs

The Chaos Engineering platform uses Koan to increase efficiency and effectiveness

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New Relic
New Relic Aligns Teams and Gets a Productivity Boost

Learn how New Relic uses Koan to bring focus and alignment to teams, allowing them to get better products into their customers' hands.

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24Slides Builds an OKR Framework to Create Alignment Across Remote Teams

Learn how Koan helps managers and employees stay connected and engaged

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Upskill People
Upskill People Channels Alignment Using Status Reports

Discover how the e-learning platform increased visibility across distributed teams using OKRs

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Coda Payments
OKRs Help Coda Payments Manage Rapid Growth

Learn how the Ecommerce company channeled visibility and focus using OKRs

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SPAR Adopts the OKR Methodology to Achieve Alignment

Finding value using a software-based platform

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ALG Uses OKRs to Power Rapid Growth

Learn how ALG uses Koan to communicate efficiently across remote teams

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Galley Adopts OKRs to Facilitate Rapid Growth

Learn how Galley uses Koan to stay aligned, productive and efficient

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True Data Achieves Strategic Alignment and Increases Employee Motivation

Learn how TrueData uses Koan to stay aligned and motivated

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Riversands Incubation Hub
Riversands Incubation Hub Achieves Innovation and Alignment

Learn how Riversands Incubation Hub transformed its economy towards greater inclusivity using OKRs

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How Vacasa scaled its global strategy

Learn how Vacasa scaled the leadership practices behind its massive success using Koan for OKRs and goal management.

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