OKR Advisors

A consulting agency that helps entrepreneurial leaders and their organizations achieve superior strategy execution through the effective use of OKRs and related methodologies.
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OKR Consulting Services

OKR Advisors helps leaders and organizations achieve alignment, agility, and a results driven culture by enabling the rapid and effective adoption of OKRs throughout the organization.

Our OKR consulting equips companies to realize superior performance by adopting proven OKR practices.Whether you are looking for incremental support in your OKR implementation or full end-to-end guidance and enablement, our team of certified OKR Advisors is here to guide you to start achieving results this quarter.


OKR Practitioners Community

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OKR Basics E-Learning Course

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The Top 10 Basic OKR Pitfalls

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Why Koan

Koan helps teams stay aligned and on the same page

Everyone on the same page

Koan helps guarantee your team knows why what they do matters and how it will make a difference

Koan helps teams focus on the work not the process, so they are all pulling in the same direction

Focus on the work, not the process

Koan’s tools supports your existing processes and workflows, without the need for new meetings or distracting data entry

Use Koan to foster a transparent team culture

Foster a transparent culture

Koan builds transparency with natural opportunities for feedback between managers and team members

Use Koan to manage OKRs and goals, and help teams work with purpose

Work with purpose

Koan aligns every employee’s work to the company’s Mission, Vision, Values, Strategy and Goals