Why OKRs?

5 Ways OKRs Unlock Explosive Growth

Learn why Koan is the world’s most effective OKR tool for aligning teams and managing the growth of startups and small businesses.
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Align Company Goals

Accelerated Performance

Successfully guide explosive growth: create company-wide alignment on KPIs and top-level goals.

Weekly Reflections

Employee Engagement

Drive consistent engagement across your cross-functional teams with frictionless collaboration.

Confidence Levels

Company Culture

Facilitate open contributions to maintain business transparency across your entire company.

Daily Integration

Maintain Connections

Ensure high productivity and connection with Integrations to your daily-use productivity tools.


Remote Working

Align and guide the performance of all employees and contractors hired outside your company.

Google has used OKRs as the primary goal setting tool to effectively manage the explosive growth and predict success since 1999.

Our Customers

Take a page from Google and join other companies that use Koan to align their organization on a collective social contract — motivating everyone to get done what needs to get done.

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OKRs for Individuals within a Single Team
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Personal OKR & goal tracking
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Single-team OKR dashboard
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Quick access to key analytics
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OKRs for Multiple Teams across an Organization
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Everything in Free, plus…
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Track OKR’s across multiple teams
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Company-wide OKR Dashboard
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Export of media-rich KPI reports
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Over 1,500+ integrations through Zapier
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Monthly live webinars- OKRs for Success
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Enhanced Live Helpdesk

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