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The best OKR features on the market and we ship improvements every week


Perfect for organizations of all sizes from 10 - 10000


OKR Software that leaders and employees both love to use


Free to try out for 14 days


The best OKR features on the market and we ship improvements every week


Perfect for teams of all sizes from 10 - 10000


Software that's fun to use for both managers and IC's

Sean Knapp, CEO of Acend.io
“Koan has been an important tool for multiple teams at Ascend. Koan's thoughtful design helps our teams get the most out of each and every week by reflecting on progress, setting priorities, and scoring goals. Koan is the productized version of all the goal setting best practices we wish we had been doing all along.”

Sean Knapp, CEO of Ascend.io

Melissa Dutmers, Director of Culture
“We use Koan to stay connected as a global team. We know what each team member is working on, where their challenges are, and how we can support each other. Koan is our go-to tool to regularly reflect on how to work more effectively.”

Melissa Dutmers, Director of Culture and Engagment at 3dSystems

Why Koan for OKR management

Strategic alignment

Koan’s Collaborative OKRs helps teams set, share, and follow strategic objectives throughout the organization

Make feedback a habit

Koan increases employee engagement by encouraging direct positive feedback between team members and managers

Lightweight, flexible process

Koan works where your company does. Use Slack and email notifications to reduce manual follow-up emails and meetings

Relentless focus

Koan improves outcomes and reduces churn by focusing the team on the right strategic objectives at the right times

Transparency first

Koan encourages frequent, actionable conversations through social updates, comments and reactions

Situational awareness

Koan builds awareness of the strategic goals that really matter. Build awareness and solve problems before they burst into flames

Koan OKR software user interface

Koan Features

Supports the entire OKR lifecyle

Koan OKR software lets you set organizational-wide objectives and hierarchal Key Results between teams

OKR key results in the Koan interface

Koan is Slack Integrated

Notify your teams and collect data via Slack. Learn more about our integration.

Koan OKR software integrates with slack

Transparent by Default

Encourage open dialog and accountability through visibility into what your team is working towards and what it's already achieved

Report on team OKRs with weekly confidence and reflections


How to write incredible OKRs using Koan

How to Write Incredible OKRs

Goal Alignment, Check-Ins & Building a Culture of Accountability

How OKRs Inspire Purposeful Work