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OKRs for Individuals within a Single Team
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Personal OKR & goal tracking
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Single-team OKR dashboard
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Quick access to key analytics
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Koan Support Center
OKRs for Multiple Teams across an Organization
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Track OKR’s across multiple teams
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Company-wide OKR dashboard
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Export media-rich KPI reports
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Over 1,500+ integrations through Zapier
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Monthly live webinars- OKRs for Success
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Enhanced Live Helpdesk

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OKR + Goal Management
Individual OKRs + Goal Tracking
Create and track an unlimited amount of individual goals
Shared OKRs
Help create alignment across different cross-functional teams by allowing multiple teams to share the same goal, with each team having their own various initiatives that contribute to reaching that goal
Individual OKR Dashboard
Your home dashboard is the place to start with an overview of your individual goals and progress
Top-level organization goals
Set top-level goals for your entire company to align everyone on what you are wanting to achieve
Company OKR Dashboard
Have a centralized place to show top-level company, your mission and vision, and other important information that can be easily accessible to everyone.
Alignment and Collaboration
Team members complete quick, weekly reflections that share recent accomplishments, top priorities, and potential concerns.
Confidence Index
When using shared goals, we automatically aggregate individual confidence scores of contributors into a single number
Presentation Mode
Run better meetings with having the most important information on goal progress front-and-center, with the click of a button
Goal Linking
Link goals together and give your teams better insight into how they align across the company and contribute to top-level goals
Tree View
Visualize how all your goals have been linked, and see how progress contributes to top-level goals
User Management
Unlimited users and teams
Invite as many team members as you would like to join your Koan account
GSuite SSO
Single sign-on with Google
Account Permissions
Admins have the ability to adjust global permission settings and user roles to define who can create teams, asign teams to goals, add users, change Reflection schedules, and more.
Notification Preferences
Customize your notification preferences
Advanced SSO
Advanced single sign-on including GSuite, Okta, Office365, and OneLogin
Slack and Microsoft Teams
Stay in the loop on your team’s latest Reflections by connecting to your daily communication tools
Jira & Zapier integrations
Get access to 1,500+ integrations with Zapier, and connect Koan to Jira to add your tasks into your Reflection
OKR Analytics and Reporting
Goal Analytics
Access to key analytics like goal progress and confidence level.
Data Export
Export goals to a CSV, with the included confidence scores, metrics on the Key result, goal owners, due dates, and more
Support and Resources
Koan Support Center
Access our help center articles and our team through Chat to answer any questions
Monthly Live Trainings
Every 4th Tuesday we host a live webinar on OKR education and how to successfully engage with Koan.
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Koan Premium Support*

Koan will support you every step of the way. Premium Support extends beyond our Standard Support offering, from understanding OKRs to training and implementation within the platform.

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Dedicated customer success manager & quarterly business reviews

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Personalized consultation, implementation, and onboarding

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Weekly and quarterly premium usage reports  (see example)

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99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA

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Premium Support is available to Annual Pro Plans for a $5,000 annual fee. Contact us to learn more.

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OKR training and coaching

Koan partners with premier business consultants around the globe to bring our customers deep OKR coaching and training.

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OKR training & certification

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OKR workshops

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Change management and strategy & alignment consulting

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OKR best practices and tune-ups

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Free tier and the Pro tier?

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The Free tier is a great way for single teams to get started with Koan - no limits to the basic functionality or user count. The biggest difference between the Free tier and the Pro tier is the ability to customize goals and permissions, advanced integration options (Jira), and also includes an organizational homepage to manage company-wide goals with a visualization of how goals connect across the entire organization. 

Can I upgrade or change my plan later?

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Absolutely. Many customers begin with the Free tier and later move to another as other teams within the organization adopt Koan. You can additionally downgrade from Pro to the Free tier at any time, though you’ll lose access to the features that are exclusive to those tiers.

Is my company eligible for Koan’s Free tier?

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Yes, anyone can sign up for the Free tier - no card required! 

How can I transition my account to the Free tier?

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You can manage your subscription directly inside of Koan. Please reach out to us ( or via chat) if you need any assistance with plan changes.

Will I still be charged now that I’m on a Free tier?

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If you’ve migrated from a paid tier to the Free tier, you will no longer be charged and your payment information will be deleted from our records.

Will my data be private and safe? 

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Organizations across the globe trust Koan to keep their information secure and private. It is important that we earn your trust, and keep it. For additional information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Will my data be lost if I move to Free tier and then move back to a paid account?

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No! We won’t delete your data if you move to a Free tier. Upgrade back to Pro and you’ll see your previously created company page and goals.