Objectives & Key Results

Build alignment, accountability, and deliver results

Koan’s goal management features enable you to successfully roll out the OKR methodology at scale. Combine metrics with your team’s qualitative insights to predict goal outcomes and make the right decisions.
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Presentation Mode

Curates all information from team OKRs into one place

View OKRs in an organized, streamlined way and improve efficiency in meetings

Tree View

Visualize alignment of goals from the top down.

With Tree View, monitor the confidence of each key result to assess current state of objective achievement

Unlock collaboration

Collaborative goals at every level

Set goals at company, departmental and team levels. Collaborate across levels and remove roadblocks from interdependencies. Create metrics, visibility and accountability—accelerate success.

Get the whole picture

Greater visibility, better focus

Never lose sight of strategic objectives and OKRs across teams—focus on what’s important and report on what’s working and what’s not. OKR best practices out-of-the box.

Build strategic alignment

Deliver outcomes, not tasks

Align teams to strategic outcomes with measurable key results. Teams use the OKR tool to stay focused on measurable progress, course-correct and celebrate wins.

Gain realtime insight

Hard numbers. Human insights. The answers you need at your fingertips

Easily track metrics towards key results—but the real magic happens when team members share feedback and confidence ratings towards key results. Providing a blend of quantitative and qualitative insights to unlock better decision-making.