Quantitative data with qualitative insights to stay on track

Monitor progress and discover blockers so you can get ahead—and stay ahead—of your goals. Automatically collect your team’s direct feedback to quickly spot trends, uncover leading indicators and stop waiting for your dashboards to catch up.
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See the future

Never fight another fire

Uncover hotspots and bottlenecks before they can slow you down. Early problem identification can help you discover problems before they occur.

Gain realtime insight

Hard numbers. Human insights. The answers you need at your fingertips

Easily track metrics towards key results—but the real magic happens when team members share feedback and confidence ratings towards key results. Providing a blend of quantitative and qualitative insights to unlock better decision-making.

Build strategic alignment

Clearer trends. Better decisions.

Your history in one place—track progress and velocity from the very beginning. View and filter insights by teams or sub-teams to see the data you want.

Export OKR Data

Customize your OKR data and import into other BI tools

Combine ratings with reflections to get confidence scores, the best assessment of how goals are progressing