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Save time in meetings, build accountability, and foster great communication with Koan Reflections—simple, beautiful status reports for your entire team.
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Spark collaboration

Start the right conversations

Create natural opportunities for feedback and collaboration between stakeholders and remote team members across the entire organization.

Make accountability a habit

Never drop the ball again

Make accountability a weekly habit with comments, private feedback, and positive social pressure.

Stay in the loop

The easiest way to track status

With Koan, you’ll never miss an update again. Gain visibility across your organization, track progress and view insights at every level.

Run better meetings

Focus on the important issues

Koan reflections give real-time visibility into the team’s status and goals, saving time by focusing meetings on the most critical concerns.

Establish visibility and alignment

Make sure everyone is working on the right things

Say goodbye to lost status reports and buried email updates. Say hello to the easiest way to track status. Weekly reflections keep teams informed and provide up-to-date visibility with OKR progress.