Status reporting for the modern team

Save time in meetings, build accountability and foster great communication. Team members complete quick, weekly reflections that share recent accomplishments, top priorities and potential concerns.
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Make execution a habit

Build positive habits and transparency

Breakthrough the engagement barrier and facilitate weekly best practices to foster communication.

Spark collaboration

Start the right conversations

Create natural opportunities for feedback and communication between team members about what really matters.

Establish visibility and alignment

Make sure everyone is working on the right things

Weekly reflections are the easiest way for teams to track status and provide up-to-date visibility on OKR progress

Stay in the loop

The easiest way to track status

Make accountability a weekly habit. Gain visibility across your teams, track progress and view insights

Run better meetings

Focus on what's most important

Never lose sight of strategic objectives and easily communicate what's working and what's not.

Daily check-ins via Slack

Align every day in a simple way

Communicate accomplishments, prioritize tasks, and identify potential blockers. These asynchronous stand-ups save time during weekly reflections by looking back on check-ins throughout the week.