The Simplest OKR Tool For Your Remote Team

The Simplest OKR Tool For Your Remote Team

Koan is the easiest way for leaders and distributed teams to plan and achieve their goals, uncover insights and stay engaged

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Focus the team on the right things

Koan’s OKR and Goal feature enables remote teams to understand broader organization objectives, set and communicate their own, and report on what’s working well and what is not.

Build An Open And Transparent Culture

Koan makes facilitating feedback between remote team members easy and direct with simple comments and social reactions

Unlock Autonomous Teams

Koan can improve team productivity, enabling remote teams to set, communicate and set their own goals, aligned to the organization hierarchy objectives


Supports the entire OKR lifecyle

Koan lets you set organizational-wide objectives and hierarchical Key Results between remote teams

Slack Integrated

Notify your teams and collect data via Slack

Transparent by Default

Foster open dialog and accountability between distributed team members and leaders with visibility to what your team is working towards and has already achieved

Koan has been an important tool for multiple teams at Ascend. Koan's thoughtful design helps our teams get the most out of each and every week by reflecting on progress, setting priorities, and scoring goals. Koan is the productized version of all the goal setting best practices we wish we had been doing all along.

Sean Knapp, CEO of

“We use Koan to stay connected as a global team. We know what each team member is working on, where their challenges are, and how we can support each other. Koan is our go-to tool to regularly reflect on how to work more effectively.”

Melissa Dutmers, Director of Culture and Engagment at 3dSystems