The Simplest OKR Tool For Your Remote Team

Koan is the easiest way for distributed teams to collaborate better, stay engaged, and achieve goals.

Focus the team on the right things

The OKR feature enables remote teams to understand broader organization objectives, communicate their own, and report on what’s working well and what is not.

Build an Open and Transparent Culture

Make facilitating feedback between remote team members easy and direct with simple comments and social reactions

Unlock Autonomous Teams

Improve team productivity, enabling remote teams to set, communicate and set their own goals, aligned to the organization hierarchy objectives

Remote Work Best Practices for Any Working Environment

Positive behaviors as a dispersed team have become permanant working habits.

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Remote Employee Engagement with OKRs

How a Modern Leadership Platform can keep your distributed team aligned towards your goals

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Daily Check-ins: Keep your remote employees engaged

Learn more about the free add-on for Koan to help our community to work better remotely: Daily Check-ins.

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Supports the entire OKR lifecyle

Koan lets you set organizational-wide objectives and hierarchical Key Results between remote teams

Integrate Koan with where you work

Integrate Koan natively with task managers like Jira, communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and SSO platforms like Okta. And seamlessly connect to all of your existing data sources through Zapier.

Transparent by Default

Foster open dialog and accountability between distributed team members and leaders with visibility to what your team is working towards and has already achieved

"Koan has been an important tool for multiple teams at Ascend. Koan's thoughtful design helps our teams get the most out of each and every week by reflecting on progress, setting priorities, and scoring goals. Koan is the productized version of all the goal setting best practices we wish we had been doing all along."

Sean Knapp, CEO of

"While a sober topic, I do want to say that it was timely for us to get all of this set up as we've all just gone to WFH in all office indefinitely. Strange times indeed, but hopefully will be better connected as a team with Koan!" Neil Jansen, CIO, The Founders Pledge.

Neil Jansen, Chief Information Officer at The Founders Pledge