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Take your plan and turn it into action

Leaders trust Koan to create transparency, build accountability, and help the organization achieve its goals. Track progress and identify issues early. Skip the shoulder-taps with automatic dashboards for operations review, exec, and board meetings.

Focus on the vision

Crowdsource insight

Unlock collaboration

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Focus on the vision

Never lose sight of the mission

Connect every employee to strategic priorities, no matter where they are located. Make the north star visible across every level in the company.

Crowdsource insight

Harness the wisdom of the team

Collect feedback from across your organization to build ownership, track alignment, and keep your objectives headed for success.

Unlock collaboration

Collaborative goals at every level

Set goals at company, departmental and team levels. Collaborate across levels and remove roadblocks from interdependencies. Create metrics, visibility and accountability—accelerate success.

Get expert support

We’ve got your back

Does getting your entire company running on OKRs seem daunting? Our service staff and OKR coaches can take you from zero to one in a matter of days, not weeks.



Get your company on the same page

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How OKRs inspire purposeful work

Much has been written lately about Millennials’ and (especially) Generation Z’s desire to work for purpose-driven companies. It may very well...

The heartbeat of great teams

Last week, well-known venture capitalist Fred Wilson wrote a great post “The Heartbeat” about the rhythm and cadence that great CEOs set inside their...