Focus on what matters most

Teams trust Koan to save time in meetings, build accountability, and foster great communication with simple status reports and goal tracking.

Build strategic alignment

Run better meetings

Spark collaboration

Gain realtime insight

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Build strategic alignment

Deliver outcomes, not tasks

Align teams to strategic outcomes with measurable key results. Teams use the OKR tool to stay focused on measurable progress, course-correct and celebrate wins.

Run better meetings

Focus on the important issues

Koan reflections give real-time visibility into the team’s status and goals, saving time by focusing meetings on the most critical concerns.

Spark collaboration

Start the right conversations

Create natural opportunities for feedback and collaboration between stakeholders and remote team members across the entire organization.

Gain realtime insight

Hard numbers. Human insights. The answers you need at your fingertips

Easily track metrics towards key results—but the real magic happens when team members share feedback and confidence ratings towards key results. Providing a blend of quantitative and qualitative insights to unlock better decision-making.

“Winning takes focus and feedback, and Koan is our weapon for keeping the whole team honest on both”
Aaron Ward


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