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If you’re managing strategic goals using spreadsheets, you’re missing the mark. Use Koan’s OKR tools and best practices to increase collaboration, create transparency and alignment—and nail the target with your goals.
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Koan OKR Software vs. Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are where strategies, goals and progress disappear.

Less stress, more enjoyable work

Reduced employee stress through better alignment and focus. Eliminate wasted efforts. Raise concerns and catch issues before fires start.

OKR tracking made easy

Incorporate best practices that support the team at critical junctures throughout the OKR cycle.

Reduced meetings and process

Weekly reflections eliminate status update emails and reduce unnecessary meetings. Turn on Slack and email notifications to keep everyone informed the way they want.

Greater visibility, better focus

 Never lose sight of strategic objectives across teams—focus on what's important and report on what’s working and what's not.

Improved team engagement

Team members and managers give and receive direct feedback—increasing engagement and collaboration with objectives and key results.

Never miss another OKR update

Software provides built-in reminders to update metrics and instantly update your progress with just a few clicks.

Deliver outcomes, not tasks

Align teams to strategic outcomes with measurable results. Teams stay focused on measurable progress, course-correct and celebrate wins.

Curate qualitative confidence

Teams share qualitative confidence ratings tied to objectives and key results. Improving accuracy and accountability with progress tracking.

Improved alignment

Visualize OKR alignment by linking team objectives to department objectives, all the way up to the company level goals. 

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Company Homepage

Connect every employee to the mission, vision, and strategic priorities. Make the north star visible across every level in the company to keep your OKRs aligned and your mission on track.

Koan company homepage creates goal alignment across every level in the company.

Collaborative Goals at Every Level

Set goals at company, departmental and team levels. Collaborate across levels and remove roadblocks from interdependencies. Create metrics, visibility and accountability—accelerate success.

Koan is the only OKR solution with Collaborative OKRs built in

Weekly Reflections

Say goodbye to lost status reports and buried email updates. Say hello to the easiest way to track status. Weekly reflections keep teams informed and provide up-to-date visibility with progress across OKRs.

Weekly reflections eliminate status update emails and meetings

Quantitative Data with Qualitative Insights

Easily track metrics towards key results—but the real magic happens when team members share feedback and confidence ratings towards key results. Providing a blend of quantitative and qualitative insights to empower better decision-making.

Koan provides qualitative and quantitative insights to help teams make better decisions

Not convinced? Here's a head-to-head comparison between software vs spreadsheets.

Koan OKR Software
Team Size
Supports all organization sizes
Best for smaller  teams
Alignment  Visualization
Can see objective linking across teams, departments and company goals
No visualization
Progress Tracking
Track progress and pull reports automatically
Progress tracked by  manual updates based on leadership assessment
Confidence Scoring
Every contributor rates confidence of a goal each week; Overall confidence index  available to leaders
Ratings provided in  dedicated cells by leaders on an ad-hoc basis
Easy to track Reflection commentary, OKR comments
Comments in cells, easy to get lost or overlooked
Real-time updates where each individual can update simultaneously
Only one person can update at a time
Access  Control
Everyone contributes
Limited to executives and department leads
Version  Control
Tracks history
Duplicated spreadsheets, store in a shared drive
Filter and view by goals, teams, quarter and status
Ctrl+F and spreadsheet tabs
Regular email reminders to update status and rate goals
Updates must be created in a separate tool
SSO, Okta, and other security permissions
Dependent on corporate security policies
Integrates with Jira, Slack, Zapier, Google, etc.
Need to manually populate data points

Trusted by Great Teams

“We were writing half-page status reports for each project and had OKRs in spreadsheets and PowerPoints that we shared at company and organization-level meetings. We realized we needed a tool instead of trying to put everything in Google Docs."

Mary Grossi, Senior Director of Program Management, New Relic

“We tracked our OKRs in Google Sheets and would revisit them as a company each month during team meetings. Overall, the process was really clunky and there was really poor visibility and a lack of tracking into how we were progressing as a whole.” 

Elliott Easterling CEO at TrueData

“Our OKRs were at a sufficient level of complexity and managing them in a spreadsheet wasn't going to cut it. We knew that beyond defining our OKRS, we really wanted to create visibility and accountability around tracking them.”

Seth Trudeau, VP of Product at ALG