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2021 Planning: How to Align Your Team Around OKRs

The new year is approaching quickly. And if it’s anything like 2020, there might be more uncertainty and unpredictability ahead. Now is the opportunity for change, to make sure you’re positioned for success in 2021. Get ahead of the curve and start working towards a clear plan for how you’re going to move your business forward.

Get ready for Q4 and 2021 OKR planning during this webinar with Koan and There Be Giants. These OKR experts provide helpful tips and make sure you’re prepared with resources to be successful with your OKRs.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • A potential framework as you solidify your quarterly and annual plans
  • Tips for remote OKR planning and getting your team on the same page
  • Best practices to keep you on track and simplify OKRs within your organization
  • The importance of OKR agility during times of unpredictability