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Why Managing Goals in Your Company is Still Broken

Shockingly, 95% of employees do not fully understand their company’s goals or what’s expected of them to achieve their company goals.  It’s a significant problem that costs companies millions of dollars from a lack of focus and wasted time spent on efforts that don’t propel the company forward. 

Join us for an in-depth webinar where we discuss the gold-standard approach to solving the goal management problem—objective and key results (OKRs). We’ll discuss why companies can’t make progress with their goals and you’ll learn why leaders are adopting the OKR methodology to better align teams, avoid wasted efforts and shift their company’s focus toward the initiatives that matter. We’ll also share real-world practice with OKR methodology from some of today’s fastest-growing companies.

This webinar is in partnership with Roger Longden of There Be Giants, a leading international OKR consultancy.