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Navigating Uncertainty with OKRs

Best practices for remote OKR planning and how to keep remote teams aligned


In today's current climate, there is a high level of complexity and uncertainty. As teams become dispersed and traditional planning processes  shift to a remote setting, OKRs are now more useful than ever. Join Koan and There Be Giants for a webinar to learn about coping with unpredictability and key considerations for quarterly business planning.

During this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How OKRs offer a way to pivot quickly during a time of chaos
  • Pragmatic tips for OKR planning at a distance
  • The importance of communication, routines and regular check-ins
  • In-depth discussion and Q&A with experts from Koan and There Be Giants

About the hosts

Matt Tucker

CEO and Founder

Roger Longden

Founder, There Be Giants

Lawrence Walsh

Head of OKR Projects

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